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LOL Boys Go on ‘Indefinite Hiatus’

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Say it ain't so, the rising DJ/producers go their separate ways.

Diplo Builds a Stripper Pole to the Stars in His ‘Set It Off’ Video

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Diplo's video for "Set It Off" takes pole dancing to dizzying new heights.

Evil Nine’s EP with Danny Brown—The Black Brad Pitt

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Evil Nine, the production duo is like Anthony Hopkins to Danny Brown's Brad Pitt. Meet Joe Black part deux.

Obey City & Astro Nautico will Give You an Eye Jammie

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All eyes and ears on the audio and visual experience of Astro Nautico.

Download ROOFEEO: Call It What You Want 2 Mixtape

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Throw this bad-boy on poolside / beach side / any side really. It's the perfect complement to Summer.