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LOL Boys Go on ‘Indefinite Hiatus’

Say it ain't so, the rising DJ/producers go their separate ways.

Diplo Builds a Stripper Pole to the Stars in His ‘Set It Off’ Video

Diplo's video for "Set It Off" takes pole dancing to dizzying new heights.

Evil Nine’s EP with Danny Brown—The Black Brad Pitt

Evil Nine, the production duo is like Anthony Hopkins to Danny Brown's Brad Pitt. Meet Joe Black part deux.

Obey City & Astro Nautico will Give You an Eye Jammie

All eyes and ears on the audio and visual experience of Astro Nautico.

Download ROOFEEO: Call It What You Want 2 Mixtape

Throw this bad-boy on poolside / beach side / any side really. It's the perfect complement to Summer.