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Born in NJ in 1973, John Z., began his editorial career by writing letters to all four members of the band, Kiss. Although they never wrote back, the stakes in his editorial hustle have outgrown those letters to "The Hottest Band in the Land." His work has appeared in The New York Post, Reuters, New Jersey Monthly, The Washington Post and on AOL News. In addition, he recently served as a contributing content writer for the updated version of the game, Trivial Pursuit.

Mike Tyson’s Pigeons Touch the Sky

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Mike Tyson's rehab back into super-stardom has been handled with care, similar to the TLC given to his fleet of pigeons residing in New Jersey. Mass Appeal sat down with Iron Mike's friend and pigeon handler, Mario Costa Jr. to learn about the sport and art of pigeon racing.

Stay Focused: Russell Campbell

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You might not know Russell Campbell, but chances are you’ve seen his “vision” appear in thousands of movies, television shows and commercials. Learn about the man who Hollywood looks to for the freshest frames.

Beastin’: William Fetzke’s Reptiles

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A New Jersey man moves into Springsteen territory and becomes the BOSS...of snakes, reptiles and other unconventional creatures (Bruce was the BOSS before you, Ricky, by the way).