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Brandon, aka Jinx, is the Content & Programs Manager at Mass Appeal. He is also a contributing writer & photographer. In addition to his bathtub lifting up, his walls do a 360. He also has shit that the government got. Twitter: @Jersey_Jinx Instagram: @Jersey_Jinx

Roid Rage: Celebrity Polaroids

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Mass Appeal snaps candid polaroids of celebrities and artists. See them here. From Mass Appeal Issue 52.

“Off Tha’ Wall” – Vinny Cha$e

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A while back, we got the opportunity to link up with New York’s own Vinny Cha$e. The Harlem artist has done it all, from clothing design to video directing. With rap as his most recent and prominent creative venture, Vinny took some time to discuss his art and a host of other topics. V. Cha$e […]

Release Roundtable: Pusha T Talks MNIMN – Part 3

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After getting a private listening session of MNIMN, our panelists share their thoughts with Pusha T on the new album.

“Release Roundtable” – Pusha T Talks MNIMN – Part 2

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Pusha and our panelists return for the second installment of "Release Roundtable" as they delve further into his album MNIMN.

Release Roundtable: Pusha T Talks MNIMN – Part 1

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We take your favorite artists and your artist’s favorite bloggers and throw them in in a room together to discuss their newest musical offerings. The result is Release Roundtable. For this episode the panel sat with G.O.O.D. Music’s golden-child, Pusha T to discuss his first solo album My Name Is My Name. Moderated by the […]