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“The Dingle” – Episode 2

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The following does not reflect the views of Mass Appeal, it only reflects the views of our crazy in-house animator, whose brain farts are now the world's treasure.

The Dingle: The Boyz N the Hood Trading Card Game

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What if characters from “Boyz N the Hood,” one of the classics films of the ’90s, were licensed for a trading card game à la Pokemon? We’re pretty sure Ice Cube would be pissed but they’d look something like this . . . Rickyyyyyyyy!

The Dingle: Peace to the Papacy

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Pope Benedict XVI will be stepping down soon due to ill health and though we’re secular we wish His Holiness the best– Paid In Full style.

Daily Dingle: A Very Juvenile Questionnaire

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Are you a paper chaser? Then this Juvenile Questionnaire Dingle’s for you.  

The Dingle: Craigslist Killaz

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“These are rap lyrics from some of my favorite songs re-imagined as Craigslist posts. In fact, I have so many favorite rap songs that I could probably dedicate an entire Tumblr to posts like these. Actually, that’s not a bad idea . . .”  — Hectah “You ain’t gotta lie, Craig.”