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“The Dingle” – Episode 2

The following does not reflect the views of Mass Appeal, it only reflects the views of our crazy in-house animator, whose brain farts are now the world's treasure.

The Dingle: The Boyz N the Hood Trading Card Game

What if characters from “Boyz N the Hood,” one of the classics films of the ’90s, were licensed for a trading card game à la Pokemon? We’re pretty sure Ice Cube would be pissed but they’d look something like this . . . Rickyyyyyyyy!

The Dingle: Peace to the Papacy

Pope Benedict XVI will be stepping down soon due to ill health and though we’re secular we wish His Holiness the best– Paid In Full style.

Daily Dingle: A Very Juvenile Questionnaire

Are you a paper chaser? Then this Juvenile Questionnaire Dingle’s for you.  

The Dingle: Craigslist Killaz

“These are rap lyrics from some of my favorite songs re-imagined as Craigslist posts. In fact, I have so many favorite rap songs that I could probably dedicate an entire Tumblr to posts like these. Actually, that’s not a bad idea . . .”  — Hectah “You ain’t gotta lie, Craig.”