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Family Swank: Cakes da Killa

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The 24-year-old Teaneck native talks rap fairy godmothers and gay sex.

Family Swank: Jojo Abot

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The Ghanian singer-songwriter talks social injustice and authenticity.

Family Swank: OSHUN

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Evoking ‘90s Baduizm vibes, OSHUN talks to us about their fateful meeting at NYU, the importance of social consciousness, and the influence of the Motherland in their work.

Family Swank: Kali Uchis

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The Colombian-born singer-songwriter shares the inspiration behind her soulful sound.

Family Swank: Ibeyi

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Naomi and Lisa-Kaínde Díaz talk Afro-Cuban culture, multiculturalism, and natural hair as a political statement.