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Family Swank: Cakes da Killa

The 24-year-old Teaneck native talks rap fairy godmothers and gay sex.

Family Swank: Jojo Abot

The Ghanian singer-songwriter talks social injustice and authenticity.

Family Swank: OSHUN

Evoking ‘90s Baduizm vibes, OSHUN talks to us about their fateful meeting at NYU, the importance of social consciousness, and the influence of the Motherland in their work.

Family Swank: Kali Uchis

The Colombian-born singer-songwriter shares the inspiration behind her soulful sound.

Family Swank: Ibeyi

Naomi and Lisa-Kaínde Díaz talk Afro-Cuban culture, multiculturalism, and natural hair as a political statement.