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Dreamer is a DJ, hailing proudly from Brooklyn, NY. His past includes tenures at both Def Jam and Elektra Records. Music has always been his first drive; his addiction to technology is second. Always keeping in step with the latest and greatest in social media, Dreamer sets out to keep the masses up to speed.

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Video: Hot 97 Summer Jam 2012

Hot 97′s Summer Jam concert is the most unpredictable event in hip-hop, but a member of the Mass Appeal squad consistently attends every year. Where does this year’s concert rank?

Redman is “On Vacation” with Moonbootica

Don’t hate, congratulate Redman for showing love to the other side of New Jersey. Forget if he looks like a fish out of water, he hasn’t gone all the way off the deep end. Our bonus video shows the Brick City representative still in his (*cough*) element.

Play-A-Grill Makes Music With Your Mouth

A prototype MP3 that plays in your mouth isn’t as far off as those rumored cell phone implants. The mobile tech game is about to get more weird and freaky. Keep you fingers on the pause button.

Video: The Throne – No Church In The Wild

Jay-Z & Kanye West release the video for the opening track off Watch The Throne with “No Church In The Wild.” The anticipation of this video has been building ever since footage leaked to the web a couple of weeks ago. Filmed in the streets of Prague by director Romain Gavras known for his work with M.I.A. on “Bad Girls”.


Pusha T throwing dirt in the direction of Lil Wayne and Drake gets grimier shooting the video amongst the wolves and demons of the hood. Feel the fear and the wrath of God.