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A kid with course hair in love with sportswear

Kick Game: Hi’s and Lo’s

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Wale’s sneaker arrogance is refreshing. But he’s taken some L’s too.

Kill the Field: The Flyest Cleats Out Now

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Stunt on the secondary and step your cleat game up

Why is the Air Jordan XI the Most Chaotic Sneaker of All Time?

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The Air Jordan XI is dope shoe, no doubt but it poses the question what does it really mean to be fresh to death?

Off Tha’ Wall – Tree

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One of the new faces of the Chi-Town rap scene, Tree, tells us about growing up in Chicago, his musical influences, and some of his worst fashion trends.

An Open Letter to Cousin TerRio

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Cousin TerRio was one of the biggest Internet sensations last year, but what does it cost a boy to gain the world but lose his soul?