KNOW YOUR ZINE: I Love Bad Movies

Bad meaning bad, but also meaning good (sorta), according to these Brooklyn-based publishers.

The Dark Knight Rises: The Mobile Game Trailer

TDK mobile video game trailer is released the same week as Batman Returns, 20 years ago.

Fake Movie Trailer Round Up

Everyone knows how easy it is for Hollywood to misinterpret popular video games and comic books when they’re translated to the big screen. Whether it’s Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, or Superman, film studios tend to struggle with capturing the essence of the source material. But now in the age of Adobe AfterEffects and YouTube, the […]

Coming Attractions: 2012’s Summer Movie Apps

Besides trailers, the other marketing tools for the movie industry are their mobile apps. Before The Dictator and Battleship hit theaters this week, get familiar with four summer blockbuster apps. Good luck silencing your phone when the lights go down.