Michelle Jenneke Australia

Australia’s Michelle Jenneke Flirts Her Way to Victory

Don't thank us, thank the camera person.

The Notorious B.I.G. said it best, “I perform like Mike. Anyone: Tyson, Jordan, Jackson, Action.” Okay, so Michelle Jenneke is no Jackson, but homegirl from Australia is bad to the bone. And winning is what she does best, as she displayed a couple of days ago when she let the other runners eat her dust in Barcelona’s Junior World Championships. There’s no denying her intensity as a competitor. If you can take your eyes off her finely sculpted bod, look at her face and tell us that’s not the eye of the tiger, or any other jungle cat you could associate her with. To say these are the best three minutes and seven seconds of a man’s life is an understatement. Assume that’s what one of her suitors felt at one point in time. The elephant in the room that is her playful sexual nature at the start and end of the race is impossible to miss, unless you’ve stuck both heads in the dirt. To be fair, WebProNews took a more mature approach by applauding Michelle Jenneke’s athletic prowess.

“However, what a lot of people are missing is this: 19 year-old Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke is a pretty spiffy athlete, as well. If she had lost this event in a miserable fashion, face flat on the ground with her rump stuck straight up in the air, I’d say that people are just perverts and dismiss the clip entirely.”

Is the camera person a pervert too? He or SHE’s just doing their job—film the runners. Not his or her fault the favorite would be the talk of the town. A few other runners are stunners in their own right. If any of them beat Jenneke, they would have gotten all the attention. But they didn’t. This is where we nod to our friends at No Mas for the story kicker because right now, only Michelle Jenneke knows the thrill of victory and the ecstasy of defeat, at the same damn time.

Michelle Jenneke Australia

Michelle Jenneke Australia

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