AUDIO: Zelooperz “Hit A Lick”

If you’re like us you’re a Danny Brown fan but you may or may not be familiar with Zelooperz, the oddly-named young gun out of Brown’s Bruiser Brigade.  Zelooperz new song, “Hit A Lick,” might be the strangest, most ratchet–for lack of a better word–rap song we’ve heard this year and Zelooperz is contender for the title of “most animated MC.”

His vocal inflections fluctuate; he goes from a Detroit twang to fake Jamaican accent; and he delivers wild lines like: “Can’t see me like a fat six-pack/ Yo’ bitch suckin’ on dick fat/ prepaaaaare for the impact!” We’ve listened to a lot of rap in our day but Zelooperz has the distinction of being the first rapper to ask the rhetorical question “If you weren’t on my dick bitch, where would you live?” Only to answer with off-key background singing: “Hoooooomeless, hoooomeless, you would be homeless.” The Bruisers are about to make this rap shit really weird (and entertaining) in 2013. #STYLE


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