Hudson Mohawke DJ Lunice SXSW TNGHT Live

Audio: TNGHT (Hudson Mohawke & Lunice) “Bugg’n”

Depending on your time zone, good morning. Hudson Mohawke and Lunice are TNGHT.

We had a party at SXSW. Maybe you heard about it? There’s a mixtape too boasting the work of the artists from our showcase, including Hudson Mohawke. As it turned out, Lunice was one of our special guests. Earlier during SXSW, Lunice and HudMo joined forces as TNGHT. They brought their combo of remixed hip-hop/R&B peppered with the climactic buildup of your favorite electro banger. Blaow-ski wow-ski! TNGHT turned our event held in a parking lot into, um, parking lot pimpin’. Outside SXSW, they’ve made a splash in the UK. The world is their oyster and they’ve put together the prettiest pearl necklace. Bauble babule, shake it shake it.

[Blow Your Head – Mad Decent]

Hudson Mohawke DJ Lunice SXSW TNGHT Live

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