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SNDCLSH (Lupe Fiasco & DJ Sky Gellatly) “Clocks”

SNDCLSH (Lupe Fiasco & DJ Sky Gellatly) “Clocks”

He probably didn’t vote yesterday but Lupe Fiasco is doing his civic duty by helping his native Chicago through the medium of music.

His new collaborative project with DJ Sky Gellatly, SNDCLSH,  is a foray in to the electronic dance music that’s all the rage these days. More than just a way for Lupe and Sky to incite fist pumping and the beating up of beats in clubs in Miami and Vegas, proceeds from the sale of their first single “Clocks” and their upcoming EP Don’t Drop The Flag, will be donated to charities that benefit Chicago youth.

Turn your cubicle or bedroom into Ibiza and buy the track on iTunes today.


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