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Quasimoto “Planned Attack”

Quasimoto “Planned Attack”


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Quasimoto is an enigma. The alter-ego of the highly unpredictable Madlib has had everyone waiting for his next move since Quas’ 2005 release The Further Adventures of Lord Quas. The self-proclaimed bad character, known for his shit talking, crime sprees, wack emcee control and heavy smoking is finally giving Hip Hop heads what they’ve been feining for for nearly eight years now.

After posting a picture of the test pressing on Instagram (below) and commenting about it on his Facebook last week, Quas just took the next step and dropped a single from his rumored new album Yessir Whatever. The cut gives us that original Lord Quas boom-bap feel, smack talking tone, and its filled with threats directed towards the wackness relating to it’s perfectly coined name, “Planned Attack.”

There is a slim downside to the new album however. The material on the album is actually composed of twelve tracks that he’s recorded over the past twelve years, so were not getting to hear all brand new material.  It’s all rare tracks, limited cuts, and unreleased singles. Were still very excited for this, and you should be too.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/roger.riddle Roger Riddle

    Still very excited to hear a release from Quasimoto. The single kinda threw me for a loop because I recognized it from King Britt’s Beat Generation Album on BBE. It had been remixed with a new beat but that was definitely the same lyrics. Then I found out that Yessir Whatever was going to be all rarities and I was good. Can’t wait to hear what’s on there.

    On a side note my friend is a member of the Stones Throw subscription service and he already has the entire album. Nice!