Mr. Len “Gotta Get Over It” + Marvels of Yestermorrow Track list

Company Flow DJ/ producer Len is set to drop his latest instrumental project “The Marvels of Yesteryear” on High Water/ War Media next week (Mar. 19). Before it drops he’s let loose this bonus cut from the album to whet our appetites. The breezy feel good vibe of the beat is in sharp contrast to the darker, weirder vibes on Len’s previous instrumental project with his Co Flow partner El-P. Check it out and be sure to pre-order The Marvels of Yestermorrow on iTunes



1. Behold The Marvels
2. The Diaper Change-o-Matic
3. Ultra Shave Kit
4. A Lil Help
5. Automated Love Hole
6. Decide-a-Tron 833
7. LenCo Tips and Recommendations
8. Lullabot
9. The LenCo Seal of Approval

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