Marty “Talking To My Life”

New Jersey Native, Marty returns with a brand new track where he opens up about his life and insights. Welcome to Marty's World.


For those in the know, music fr0m Marty is a rare event, and has’t come around often enough. For those not in the know, let this serve as your introduction to the thoughtful MC.

This may be your first time bumping Marty’s tune’s, but he is far form a new MC. Marty has flirted with listeners with sporadic music releases over the past year or so, pushing his product only when the time feels right. A purist in every sense of the word. As personally respectable as that is, as a fan of solid music, it’s a tease. Well, the stars have aligned and he is making his first true foray into the game, leading off with his new track “Talking To My Life”.


On “Talking To My Life” we find Marty interpretting his introspections and discussing observations. “I had this life ephiphany a few months back and realized I’ve had the tools all along. I’ve just been using them carelressly or not at all. This song was a message to myself, telling me to be confident in my craft and do good things, and good things will come.” With his renewed vision Marty makes the first release of his latest efforts.

Keep your eyes peeled for more work from Marty in the near future. Until then, snag “Talking To My Life” off his SoundCloud and throw it in your rotation.

DOWNLOAD: “Talking To My Life”
Marty: Website | SoundCloud | Twitter

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