AUDIO: Lupe Fiasco “Jonylah Forever”

He might be the rapper rap writers love to hate, but give Lupe Fiasco some credit for artfully addressing the  social ills of his native Chicago the way few have or even care to. (*Bang, bang.*)

“Jonylah Forever” is Lupe’s heart-wrenching tribute to Jonylah Watkins, a six-month-old baby girl who died after being shot five times when a gunman opened fired on her father as he changed her diaper in his car. On “Jonylah Forever” imagines little Jonylah’s life as it could have been in a story with a fateful twist. Check out Lupe’s latest above and read the lyrics as he typed them below.


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  • bboycult

    My latest seed is only 18months; when I read about this story, I couldn’t fucking imagine………I’m so glad Lupe did!