AUDIO: Kilo Kish “Creepwave” feat. Flatbush Zombies

Kilo Kish and Flatbush Zombies to the damn thing on "Creepwave."


Kilo Kish paints a dark tale of heartbreak and deceit on her new record “Creepwave.” The chemistry between Kish and London producer Cronos is undeniable as he provides the perfect musical accompaniment to her story of creepy love. Filled with ambient melodies, knocking 808s, and a classic reggae/dub-inspired bass line, “Creepwave’s” psychedelic sonics are haunting and quite frankly dope as fuck.

Vocals from Brooklyn Clan Flatbush Zombies gives the listener a male perspective with lines such as “When you spilled your guts who was there to mop it up.” Look out for her upcoming project K+ dropping in February and check out the “Creepwave” lyrics she posted on her tumblr below.


creepwave lyrics2

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