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Audio: Frank Ocean “Whip Appeal”

Frank Ocean rolls into Nostalgia Town on his latest release.

Frank Ocean Whip Appeal

The radio is a place you will find songs about women, for women. Frank Ocean sings some of those tunes, but not to the point of over saturation. “Whip Appeal” is his new banner anthem that does the job of what a handful of songs do on a daily basis by fat and skinny crooners with outta control egos.

He dusts off the formula for metaphor-driven tracks inspired by cars to compare to the attributes of ladies–R. Kelly fathered this style. But the grand daddy of making engines purr like a satisfied woman is Kenneth “BabyFace” Edmonds who put the term Whip Appeal on the map in 1990. It’s only right to nod to those icons of rhythm and blues because we also titled our car column by the same name (penned by Willie G). See, we aspire to be in tune with people’s animal attraction to big body types and their augmentations under the hood–a perfect match to Frank’s automotive themes from his 2011 opus, Nostalgia. The premiere of Whip Appeal has since been removed from Frank’s Tumblr, probably for the best. For maximum pleasure, please enjoy from the comfort of your whip’s sound system, hopefully in a residential neighborhood.

Stream: Frank Ocean “Whip Appeal”

Frank Ocean Live

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