Danny Brown Jason Goldwatch

AUDIO: Danny Brown “#HottestMC”

What’s controversial as it is influential and hated by many? No, not the Illuminati, but you’re close. It’s MTV’s “Hottest MCs In the Game” lists. While hip-hop heads  argue over their favorite rappers’ positions on the list Detroit wordsmith and Mark McNairy muse Danny Brown raises his middle fingers to it with “#HottestMC.”

The D-Town druggie goes hard over a psychedelic Harry Fraud instrumental with lines like “I walked a 1000 miles reciting a 100 lines” and “Bitch I’m still hungry, they acting like I made it/ I ain’t make it till my mama fucking sitting on some acres.” We get the impression that his stomach is really growling and his teeth are definitely bared.

Look out for Danny Brown’s album Old on Fool’s Gold later this year. Check out Danny Brown’s twitter reaction to the MTV “Hottest MC’s” list below:

Danny Brown Twitter reaction to MTV's HOttest MC's list


Danny Brown Jason Goldwatch

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