Allan Kingdom & Franklin “Winners”

Allan Kingdom releases his new video entitled “Winners” off the collaborative EP Allan & Franklin's Night Out On The Town

Somewhere between the sing-song, emo stylings of Kid Cudi and the sensitive Southern gentleman-isms of Andre 3000 lies Minneapolis’s Allan Kingdom.

We got to see Kingdom in all of his geeky glory in the video for “Goat” but now on “Winners” we get to know him as Allan Kingdom the mildly apologetic player. “Usually I never take a nigga’s girl/ I was scuba divin’ in this bitch/ and I just found my pearl,” he sings. Yeah, he boned your queen, but he’s not really that type of guy it just so happens that she’s very desirable. His bad. See, even the weird kids are down with O.P.P. “Winners” is the latest release from his upcoming collaborative EP Allan & Franklin’s Night Out On The Town which will drop on Feb. 20. Check out the video trailer for it below.

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