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Audi Your Vulcan Mind

Audi Your Vulcan Mind

Start Trek’s Leonard Nimoy takes on newbie Zachary Quinto and his new Audi S7.

Being at the top makes you an easy target. Crafting a tagline like “The Best or Nothing” practically etches the crosshairs on your dome. Taking Mercedes-Benz to task for their equivocal “Best Rapper Alive!” proclamation, Audi is blasting friendly fire at their German adversary again. Back on the familiar Young Money Vs. Old Money turf war, the brand’s latest spot pits new-jack Zachary Quinto against the OG Leonard Nimoy in an automotive duel to the death – or at least, long nap.

And make sure you stay through the kicker, for a peep at technology that makes Google Glass look like a pair of Blue Blockers.