Audi E-Bike Rides Into The Future

Audi's unveiling of a new prototype e-bike is making them the talk of the town at Germany's Wörthersee auto convention. Sorry David Hasselhoff.

When you think Audi, German luxury automobiles come to mind. Think again because the automaker will step into the bike world and release its prototype e-bike at this week’s Wörthersee Tour event. Picture yourself as the Michael Knight of two-wheelers on this futuristic bike. Like Knight’s trustee whip that shifted in into multiple modes to chase down goons, the e-bike is equipped with five programs. There’s pedal only ‘Pure’ mode; another is ‘Pedelec’ mode where the rider is assisted by the electric motor allowing for speeds of up to 50 mph; “eGrip” which is pure electric; “Wheelie” mode activates the electric motor, assisting the rider when the front wheel is in the air. All those fancy functions are built within upon its carbon fiber reinforced plastic frame and 26-inch wheels. The kicker is in your smartphone which interfaces with the bike’s touch screen computer. The wild ride awaits. Eat Audi’s dust KITT.

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