Girls walking up the stairs

Atmosphere “Ain’t Nobody” Exclusive Premiere

Check out the world premiere of Atmosphere's brand new music video for "Ain't Nobody."

Slug and Ant (Atmosphere) are back on the visual tip with the premiere of their new fan-made video for “Ain’t Nobody” off of their 2011 The Family Sign album. It features two black skateboarding friends that get tailed throughout their normal day by an abstract pair of white sanitized muses. Metaphors anyone? Judging by the obvious vacant beauty in both girls, we’re going to go ahead and peg the inspiration to OG Robert Palmer’s landmark music video “Addicted To Love.” Remember those weird gals?

This video starts off with a skateboard session and then they’re on to the bowling alley all while the muses perform all sorts suggestive and choreographed moves. Then it’s on to some NSFW-looking pinball followed by a return to their apartment where the brothers kick back for a therapeutic smoke all while the models finally get close enough for a closing feel at the end of the piece.

The more-than-two-decades-deep hip hop duo out of Minneapolis is headlining this year’s Soundset Music Festival happening this coming Sunday (May 26th) in Shakopee, MN. They’ll be leading the charge alongside acts like Snoop Dogg, Tech N9ne, Brother Ali, Aesop Rock and more.

Director: Carmela Makela
Producer: Sarah Park
1st AD: John Nasraway
Cinematographer: Michael Ragen
1st AC: Joseph Canon
2nd AC: Andre Raygoza
Gaffer: Will Elder
Production Design: Mandy Cheng & Jay Hougaard
Makeup: Miki Chang
Editor: Terry Huynh
Coloring: Arnold Ramm

Models: Melissa Kimbro & Nix Mione
Young Men: Falou Biteye & Thomas Davis

Girls at the bowling alley

Two guys are playing pinball

Girls crawling up stairs

Girl blowing smoke onto a guys face

Two girls sucking on popsicles

Girls walking up the stairs

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  • Rachael Misek

    The hip hop video’s are getting stranger and stranger, yesterday I was watching Pitbull and Santsato on women’s booty,s and today Mannequin like women in various possible sexual poses. Is she an object or a subject? I am getting mass confusion as a female myself…..

  • JAne

    This is really weird.
    it’s interesting, but whats the message here?

  • Jimmy

    this shit was weird, idk what this video is supposed to be saying… the cinematography was good though…

  • Emm

    Objects objectifying?

  • Bill Taylor

    They are objectifying themselves, they’re machined sexual objects by choice forcing themselves at you with the expectations that you should want them. They go unnoticed because men who aren’t shallow aren’t impressed by women who choose to degrade themselves…..thats what i got anyway

  • Just some guy

    Judging by slugs very public stance against the drug in both his music and public statements the easiest explanation here would be white girl = cocaine. Not to say that there isn’t also a comment on the objectification of these women, but the idea that coke is something that follows you around and you can’t shake it seems to be rather explicitly conveyed

  • Weirdo

    that is that quite odd sick wit it cam cording i see in my vision. For all in favor say I, I

  • Ben Herbert

    Looks like objectified women to me. Trying too hard to be attractive and looking robotic and sexless. I think it’s no mistake that the guys in the vid look so hip hop, too.

    Or maybe the guys are suffering because they can’t get sexual imagery out of their heads as they go about their lives.

    Either way seems like a dig at media representation!

    I’d love to hear from the makers.

  • Germfree Girlongirl

    i did not enjoy this video for shit. The broads were hot but the actual song bored the fuck outta me. The delivery was terrible, Its like sesame street for grown men. Geesh, the beat was ok and the director was artsy but the point was missed if there was a point as all the extra bull shit was a distraction.

  • lee

    Oh. I didn’t catch that but I guess you’re right.

  • hphpgrl

    those girls need to eat a sandwich

  • tripsy

    Hehe. I guess intelligent hip hop isn’t for everyone, but others enjoy having to think.
    Maybe try some Waka flocka or Lil wayne, might be a bit easier on the ol’ brain.

  • Gema Sucks


    Yeah, you can’t watch this fucking video in Germany. Why should I? Just paying like 20€ a week for fucking television made by politics. Fuck you GEMA!

  • David W. Velasco

    those girls don’t need to do anything. They’re beautiful in their own way, stop judging people. You’re no better than a skinny girl calling an overweight girl fat.

  • Cody Fuller

    I feel slug was creatively stoned for this video haha.

  • Devin P-B

    You will soon!

  • MissAshley

    I got that this was more like a rejection of coke (AKA “white girl”) and what better way to symbolize that than two actual white girls who look like they might be on the stuff themselves? I thought maybe it was a metaphor for *that*, seeing as they were doing things like bowling, playing games, skateboarding and smoking weed instead: (“Yeah I came to party”)…and they ignored them all the while no matter how much they tried to make it look appealing: (“But I don’t wanna party with you”.)

  • Alfredo Marcano

    Pretty much. I thought that was quite apparent even without the song co-signing. Lol.