Atlantic City Police Department Surveillance Video Beating

Atlantic City Police Department Brutalizes And Sicks A Dog On Our Old Classmate

Another foul reason to yell FTP.

Police state? Maybe. Brutality? Definitely.

This past June Mass Appeal contributor Matt Lubansky’s old high school peer Connor Castellani got the blunt end of some insane police brutality in Atlantic City. Not sure what the full story is (we hear the homie got kicked out of a casino earlier in the eve and speculate that he was a bit rowed up about it).

Still, no amount of verbal exchange (from across the street) warrants the extreme force that the boys unleashed on this kid. After ganging up on him and proceeding to beat him into visible and hand-waving submission the five officers allowed an additional K9 unit dog into the mix to bite at the clearly overpowered Castellani.

Fuck man, this is the kind of jawn that make’s even the most privileged of Anglo’s scared to mouth off at the police.

Atlantic City Police Department Surveillance Video Beating

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