Atiba Jefferson’s L.A. Capsule Collection for Green Label Exclusives

Check out our exclusive interview with skateboard photography legend, Atiba Jefferson, about his career and photography show at L.A.'s HVW8 Gallery.

Atiba x Mountian Dew -LA 7.2513-40

photography by Mel D. Cole (

Atiba Jefferson leads the life you wish you could have. He is a renowned skate photographer, knows Kobe Bryant on a personal level, is considered fam by his favorite band and is an ambassador to a brewery. When he’s not traveling or shooting pro-skaters, major athletes and celebs – he’s DJing with his brother. With his great success and enviable lifestyle, you want to hate him – but you can’t. Because the kicker is he is also one of the most humble people you could ever meet. When talking about his work he peppers his conversations with lots of “I’m so lucky,” and “I am thankful.”

Atiba x Mountian Dew -LA 7.2513-44

He has recently teamed up with Mountain Dew in an apparel collaboration for their Green Label Exclusives. The company has taken select shots from Atiba and turned them into clothing. Mass Appeal had a chance to talk to Atiba about past and upcoming projects as he celebrated the release of L.A. Capsule Collection for Green Label Exclusives-Photo Show; a one day exhibition featuring glimpses of his L.A. lifestyle.

Atiba x Mountian Dew -LA 7.2513-153

Atiba x Mountian Dew -LA 7.2513-14

Atiba x Mountian Dew -LA 7.2513-2

Atiba x Mountian Dew -LA 7.2513-17

Atiba x Mountian Dew -LA 7.2513-19

What was the inspiration behind “Sorry for Partying”?

The inspiration was partying with friends and to do something creative and different and all the fun that we had in “Chomp on This” that showed real lifestyle.

Atiba x Mountian Dew -LA 7.2513-87

What was the shooting/editing process like?

Another big inspiration was the Baker videos and Anti-Hero videos in the way the filming and editing styles were everything was so raw. Now everything is so high-def and ultra slow motion that it is fun to do something the complete opposite. About 50% of the footage was shot with my phone.

Atiba x Mountian Dew -LA 7.2513-50

Atiba x Mountian Dew -LA 7.2513-98

You’re an ambassador for St. Archers brewery? How did that come about?

I was approached by Mikey Taylor and he asked me if I wanted to become involved and told me who else was involved. I love Mikey, I love to drink so it was kind of a no-brainer. I feel lucky that I’m a part of it.

Atiba x Mountian Dew -LA 7.2513-66

How did it feel to beat fellow St. Archer ambassador, P-Rod, in a game of S.K.A.T.E?

Great, it’s the highlight of my life. A lot of people don’t believe me. I’m really lucky that it was filmed and on YouTube. I have played him many times since and he won’t even let me get close. He has a wager on it, if I beat him again, he will go right to the ATM and give me $1,000.

Atiba x Mountian Dew -LA 7.2513-69

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