Asia Week New York: March 14-22

Asia Week New York

47 dealers are servin' up for Asia Week NY.

(Images courtesy of Asia Week NY)

March 14th marked the first day of Asia Week New York. Asia Week consists of a nine day celebration of Asian Art that takes place throughout New York City.

It’s spring baby aka gallery season. Get out there and wash yourself in some aesthetic goodness, immerse yourself in the arts. You might’ve missed out on the Armory show but here you have an opportunity to fill the void with nine days of art from every corner of the continent of Asia.

Established in 2009, Asia Art Week has grown tremendously since its inception with last year being one of its most successful and far reaching, with 43 dealers providing access to what was considered the largest amount of galleries to take part in the commemorative week. Continuing in this tradition, 2014’s Asia Week is sure to be a dope opportunity to check out exhibits, both new and old, that folks may not have been privy to. With 47 galleries, five auction houses, and 19 museums taking part and showcasing art from various periods that highlight the many cultures that span the vast continent theres sure to be enough to entertain both the novice and well trained.

Asia Week New York Three Buddhas

Hit up Asia Week New York’s “Plan Your Visit” page to get the necessary itinerary and tips on how to take full advantage and keep a heads up as this weekend will be the Open House Weekend where all participating art dealers open their doors to the public. You can also check out Artsy’s coverage of what’s going on. The Artsy pages offer up a collection of interviews and exclusives as well as their top exhibitions and gems from participating institutions.

Asia Week New York: March 14-22

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