A$AP Rocky’s ‘Purple Kisses’ Video: Girls, Drugs & Drank

A$AP Rocky drops his new 'Purple Kisses" video and boy are there a lot of drugs and dope fueled make-out sessions happening in it.

A$AP Mob’s Lords Never Worry mixtape is slated to drop on 8/28, so what better way to stoke the fires of Internet buzz than a (sorta) controversial R-rated video?

The clip for “Purple Kisses,” Rocky’s drugged-out solo cut, features all of things that we’ve come to expect from an A$AP visual: purple tint, purple drink, a Gaussian blur effect, Styrofoam cups, designer clothes, little bit of smoke, a little coke and a diverse harem of try-sexual women sucking face with one another and young Rakim Mayers.

Directed by A$AP Mob documentarians Luke + Barber and co-directed by Rocky himself the message conveyed here is basically “Yo, I’m getting a lot of ass and doing a lot of drugs these days. Do I make you horny? Do you like kaleidoscopes?”

Well ladies, do you? Let us know what you think of “Dat Pretty Motherfucker’s”  latest offering.

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