"Hella Hoes" screenshot

A$AP Mob “Hella Hoes” Video

With a song title like this, you'd be a fool not to watch the music video.

A$AP Mob shined the “Trill” signal on 125th to gather the many, many, many Mob members and shoot the music video for “Hella Hoes.” Directed by Jonah Schwartz, “Hella Hoes” starts off in the trap house, a hoes favorite spot. Inside, it looks like Harmony Korine shot an NC-17 flick called White Girls On White Girl, and all the hoes had to shake something to get a taste. Not the most creative concept, but Schwartz definitely shot the shit out of it.

Cut to Rocky’s verse and we’re outside with A$AP Rocky, A$AP Lou, and 2 Chainz. A$AP Lou’s umbrella is incredible, and for that alone this video is worth watching. Schwartz captures the extravagant Mob life to the t, and we’re all stuck watching like, “Why not me?”

We’ve been patiently waiting on L.O.R.D. to drop, and the Mob releasing new music is definitely a good sign. Check out the “Hella Hoes” video up top.

If that wasn’t enough make sure you hit up the accompanying website, HellaHoes.xxx, where you can get tour info, peep the NSFW trailer, grab you some A$VP merch, and check out some sultry gifs.

asap hella hoes microsite

"Hella Hoes" screenshot

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