A$AP Ferg Galazy Ill Time

A$AP Ferg On Therapy & Spiritual Guidance

Dr. Fergenstein is here to put your mind, body, and soul at ease.

You may know A$AP Ferg for holding down the ultimate clergy position in the hood, but what you may not know is that Ferg actually also doubles as a therapist, spiritual guide, shaman, or whatever you prefer to call it.

For this episode of “ILL TIME,” we’re joined by Dr. Fergenstein, who’s here to help people find a stress-free way of living. Whether it’s classic therapeutic practices like yoga and meditation, or more modern methods like sippin’ certain liquid medications – Ferg covers the whole spectrum of clearing the mind, body, and soul.

Not to mention, he gives some special advice to one confused and distraught female fan.

Watch, take note, and feel enlightened.

A$AP Ferg’s debut album, Trap Lord, is available now via iTunes and a music retailer near you.

A$AP Ferg ILL TIME Galaxy

A$AP Ferg Galazy Ill Time

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  • People sleep on therapy so much. Man therapy is needed bruh. Even when it’s in the form of just talking and bouncing ideas off your home boys. Or getting lessons from the OGs. It can better your life. You just gotta be sure to be seeking council from people who can help you and aren’t trying to bring you down.
    On another note tho ASAP Ferg looks like Adrien Broner.