A$AP Rocky and Flatbush Zombies

A$AP and Kanon Vodka’s All-White Party Photos

Ain't nothing like a gangster (all-white) party with A$AP Rocky, Flatbush Zombies, and friends.

A$AP Rocky and Flatbush Zombies

What’s an all-white party? The social gatherings where people dress in crisp white clothing, sip club soda with cucumber wedges, sitting by a pool in the Hamptons, that’s Diddy’s cup of tea (with a splash of Coconut Ciroc), not ours. Last Friday, Kanon Vodka did it their way: at Manhattan’s Bowery Hotel, headlined by a performance by A$AP Rocky. Did he wear white, pfft, look at his shirt and tell us what you think. P.S., it says PIF on it. None of that soft linen business, at least not for the majority of the party. But then we can’t really explain the flowery headgear worn by cats like Cobrasnake. Moa Wikander and Colby Sniper of IThinkYoureSwell.com photographed party goers clad in whatever was clever, and that included a female wearing a fitted hat with the “C” word on it. There’s the contrast! Some of NY’s illest showed up too, like Flatbush Zombies, and Venus X—she stuck to the dress code. See more flicks from the gangster party below.

A$AP All-White Party

A$AP All-White Party NYC

A$AP All-White Affair New York

All-White A$AP Mob Party

A$AP All-White Party New York City

A$AP Party

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A$AP Rocky and Flatbush Zombies

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