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ArtRank Says Sell Your Kaws Collection, Now!

No need to wait on Jay for your art news.

According to the app ArtRank it might be about that time to get rid of your KAWS collection and your Banksy pieces, too.  The app breaks down the art world and it’s artists by the numbers and gives a clue about what you might want to hold onto or let go of. Okay, maybe you shouldn’t be too hasty but…

ArtRank™ identifies prime emerging artists based on qualitatively-weighted metrics including web presence (verified social media counts, inbound links), studio capacity and output, market maker contracts and acquisitions, major collector and museum support, gallery representation and auction results.

ArtRank Breakdown Chart odf Artists as of 3-6-2014

Originally called “SellYouLater” – coupled with a V for Vendetta mask avatar – the app has taken on a bit of a more utilitarian identity. Implementing their top-secret algorithm to pool a wide base of stats related to each artist ArtRank sets out to inform would be and current collectors on what’s trending in the art world, which artist may be trending, falling off, or is done.

The gallerist behind the site and app, Carlos A. Rivera states in an interview with ArtFCity that he, “didn’t want it to be subjective and have relationship bias (for instance, I didn’t want to buy works only by Banksy based on my relationship or lack thereof with him). So that’s the basis for what became ArtRank.”

The ArtRank app sees the world of commodifying art slowly being turned on its head with a new purely mathematical scope put onto the art market. With thousands of subscribers – including ten billionaire art collectors – 900 of which signed up in the first week it’ll be interesting to see if the app survives and if it leaves its mark on the ArtWorld. New Art. New Media, New Tech, New Wave.

Via: Dazed Digital

ArtRank App KAWS Feature Image

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  • Sell them to me then.

    Too funny. If you need an algorithm to know what you like to collect, quit collecting.