Arto Flip Skateboards Epicly Later'd

Arto Saari Concludes His Epicly Later’d Documentary

Arto Saari closes the book on his professional career as a skateboarder, and starts a new one as a photographer and filmmaker.

Arto Saari’s feature on Vice’s Epicly Later’d has come to a wrap with the release of part 6. The final part focuses on Arto’s present career and where it’s headed in the long run. Touching on his inability to skate full time due to a number of gnarly near-death falls, Arto and a supporting cast of skateboarding scholars explain how his newly gained passions for photography and film have helped him deal with the temporary loss of skating that he says has “tortured his brain.”

Along with film and photography, Arto also touches on how his newly constructed backyard bowl helped him remain stoked. The bowl has opened his eyes to a different aspect of skating that ultimately has led him on journeys, in-turn causing him to forge new relationships and gain new life experiences. He explains how his new backyard getaway has also transitioned him back into skating by allowing him to ride freely with his friends and young skaters that he enjoys teaching.

Overall the brilliant piece features a bruised and tattered legend of the skateboarding world. He’s evolved from a young skater to an OG. Arto recently turned 30, realizing that there is little that he can do to further the culture through his riding, but has been blessed with new passions that will help him impact the skating world throughout his life. Click here to find out more about Arto’s journey, watch part 6 as well as the rest of his Epicly Later’d episodes.

Arto Saari skateboarding

Arto Flip Skateboards Epicly Later'd

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