Artists Pol & Sakiroo Choi Draw Some of Music’s Best Collabs

Pol & Sakiroo Choi draw Kanye West and Daft Punk
*Kanye sampled but did not collaborate with Daft Punk for his song “Stronger though they did perform with him at the 2008 Grammy Awards

When we think “Best of Both Worlds” we usually think of a singer from Chicago and a rapper from Brooklyn joining forces but now artists Pol & Sakiroo Choi have come together to give us their take on the greatest musical collaborations in modern history with their collaborative art project “Rock It.”

Collaborators like MJ and Eddie Van Halen, and Run-DMC and Aerosmith get the caricature treatment and end up with beaks, braces and severed limbs. Check out some Pol & Sakiroo Choi’s work below:

Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash drawn by Pol & Sakiroo Choi

Pol & Sakiroo Choi draw Run DMC and Aerosmith

Michael Jackson and Van Halen drawn by Pol & Sakiroo Choi

Pol & Sakiroo Choi drawing

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