Artist, Todd McLellan Deconstructs 50 Objects Into 21,959 Pieces

In his latest book, Things Come Apart, Todd McLellan reveals the workings of 50 objects – from a raleigh bicycle to a Zenith CH 650 aircraft – laying out some 21,959 parts for photographic enjoyment.

For some, putting things together can be tedious (read, I hate Ikea furniture). But for Todd McLellan, picking apart the pieces is where he finds his joy. What began as a childhood fascination, developed into a career of recording the innards of mass production, the nuts and bolts that drive modern mechanics.

In his latest book, Things Come Apart McLellan reveals the workings of 50 objects  – from a Raleigh bicycle to a Zenith CH 650 aircraft – laying out some 21,959 parts for photographic enjoyment. Mclellan organizes the individual parts – down to the smallest screw – by size and function, revealing the objects from a deconstructed vantage point. The objects are then shot at high speed, creating an explosion effect as the pieces hang in midair. McLellan explores the transition of modern innovation from the sturdiness of vintage objects – which were built to last – compared to today’s technological cycle of use and upgrade.

Things Come Apart is available today from Amazon and publisher, Thames and Hudson

Todd McLellan is currently showing an exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry  in Chicago until May 19th.

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