Artist Alexsandro Palombo Simpsonizes Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

#BootySelfie Anyone?

Here’s another string of photos to add to that “Lolz Kanye” file on your Macbook, because we know you totally have a file full of Kanye West memes for special situations. Don’t front!

This time around, we can thank artist Alexsandro Palombo for taking the Kanye art game up a notch with his Simpsonized versions of the world champion tabloid couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Expressing how deep his couple crush is on the newly-hitched KimYe the only way an artist can, the multiple caricatures feature renditions of some of the more “famous” images of Kim and Kanye like the Vogue wedding cover, Kim’s booty selfie, and some imaginative additions.

Group #BootySelfie anyone?

Check out some of the hilarious photos below.

Artist Alexsandro Palombo does Kim Kanye Vouge cover Simpson style


kim kardashian simpsons


Artist Alexsandro Palombo does Simpson style photo of Kim K


Artist Alexsandro Palombo does Simpsons Kanye booty drawning


Artist Alexsandro Palombo makes Simpsons characters out of Kim and Kanye


Artist Alexsandro Palombo Simpsons style family photo of West family
Kanye West Kim Kardashian Simpsons

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