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Art World Action Figures by Mike Leavitt

Art World Action Figures by Mike Leavitt

Kaws by MIke Leavitt from his Art Army collection

Kaws by Mike Leavitt

What if artists actually looked like their art? Imagine Jackson Pollock covered in paint drippings. What if Picasso was blue and rose and cube-shaped all over?  That’s the idea behind artist Mike Leavitt’s “Art Army” action figures. Each figure is a sculpted in polymer clay. No simple plastic toy, each figure takes hours to sculpt. Check out some examples of his work below and if you’re money’s right go to his site to order a custom-made Mike Leavitt “Art Army” figure for yourself.

Mike Leavitt Barbara Kruger art army statue

Barbara Kruger by Mike Leavitt

Damien Hirst action figure by mike leavitt

Damien Hirst by Mike Leavitt

Art Army action figure of Kara Walker by Mike Leavitt

Kara Walker by Mike Leavitt

[Via ArtRuby]

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