Arizona Politician Mistakes Students as Immigrants in Twitter Rant

Muhhf*ckas never loved us.

Amid Obama asking congress for $5 billion dollars to support our current child immigration issues at the American-Mexican border, Arizona Rep. Adam Kwasman found himself mistaking a group of young Marana school district students on their way to the YMCA’s Triangle Y Camp as Mexican immigrants. Unfortunately for these students, the camp isn’t too far from the Rite of Passage shelter where many of these child migrants are being shipped.

Upon seeing the young students’ school bus, Adam Kwasman immediately informed his Twitter followers that the their migration into Arizona and shelter at the Rite of Passage was “not compassion” but an “abrogation of the rule of law.” Kwasman complemented the tweet with a picture of the back of their school bus. After realizing that the students he misidentified were not Mexican migrants, he soon deleted his tweet and followed up with:

All the while, and like bosses of course, the students laughed and took pictures of everything happening around them. Mexican-child migrants, no worries. We feel your pain. Muhhf*ckas never loved us.

[h/t USA Today]

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