Are Frank Ocean’s Rhymes on “Blue Whale” Up to Par?

Are we ready for a rappin' Frank Ocean?

Following in the footsteps of sangas-ternt-(occasional)-rappas like Chris Brown and Trey Songz, Frank Ocean has decided to experiment in the field of rapping.

In the past he’s tweeted that he sees himself as a writer with the ability to craft a screenplay, a novel, or a rap as well he does R&B songs. We’ve also heard bars from him on Tyler, The Creator’s “She” and we’ve heard him kinda rap on Channel Orange’s “Super Rich Kids” but “Blue Whale” is the first time we’ve heard him rhyme for an entire song.

God only knows why a man with such a beautiful voice would decide that straying from singing this early in his career is a wise move, however, unlike the other previously mentioned crooning counterparts, he may just get away with it.

Frank Ocean is different than other singers, but thinking of him uttering “Wolf Gang kill them all” on a record is cringe-worthy. Although his spitting ability is not in the same stratosphere as his nearly angelic gift of crooning, he somehow makes it work here.

Frank is a storyteller first and foremost and on “Blue Whale” he infuses his rhymes with descriptions of his hometown of New Orleans, his drug-dealing cousin and his own life after fame. He almost makes you forget that he’s not actually singing. So for now, let’s call it a valiant attempt, but really, stick to what we love you for Frank.


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  • pancakes

    frank’s verse on “oldie” is tuff.