TMZ Think Irish People Don't Know Who Beyonce And Jay Z Are

Apparently Irish People Don’t Know Who Jay Z Is

Jay Z has 99 problems but the people in Ireland ain't one.

It’s Paddy’s weekend (not St. Patty’s weekend) and everyone and their cat is claiming their Irish heritage. But as a real Irish person living in New York, I’ve had a few exchanges with Americans that have left me a little perplexed. I’ve been asked in absolute sincerity if Ireland has electricity yet. I’ve duped a couple of people into thinking that one of my friend’s is half leprechaun – “but don’t mention it to her because it’s a touchy subject.” And I’ve had people believe that we don’t have Tuesday in Ireland, “so getting used to a seven day week has been difficult.” Let’s just say, I’ve questioned the education system on this side of the pond more than a few times.

My thoughts on the American Curriculum were further validated last week after a cross-the-pond exchange between TMZ and an Irish radio DJ. Beyonce was in Dublin to play four sold out gigs for her Ms. Carter Tour. While there, she went for a stroll with Jay Z and baby Blue in Dublin’s Phoenix Park (the largest park in Europe). Nobody bothered the couple and the only documentation of their walk was a grainy photo. This flabbergasted the staff at the highly reputable news organization that is TMZ, who came to the conclusion that Irish people mustn’t know who Jay Z is. Because you know, if they did they would have hassled the couple. An Irish radio DJ responded with a more likely conclusion. Watch the TMZ report above and listen to the hilarious exchange below.

Oh and by the way, the “crack” the DJ is referring to is spelled “craic” and is the Irish word for fun, not an addicting drug. Although, I guess fun can be addicting.

TMZ Think Irish People Don't Know Who Beyonce And Jay Z Are

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