Antiz Skateboards – Marcho D’Infamia

Antiz Skateboards – Marcho D’Infamia

French skateboard company Antiz took a recent trip down the European map to visit the southern region of Italy. While there, of course, the squad had to rack up on skate spots–DIY Italian ditches included! Watch as Dominik Dietrich, Roland “Hirschi” Hirsch,  Teemu Pirinen, Peter Molec, Julien Bachelier and Samu Karvonen get their shred on in Marcho D’Infamia. We take it that aside from cleverly translating to “Infamous March,” the name could also just mean “sweet f-ing skating” to anyone who could care less about a language barrier. Bravissimo!

Tailslide Skateboarding Trick Italy
Wallride Skateboarding Italy
Skateboarding Ollie Tweak Italy
Skateboarding Flip Trick Wall