Anti-Hero Attempts To “Eagleize It”

OG skateboarders Frank Gerver and Peter Hewitt get their half-baked on for Anti-Hero's "Eagleize It" campagn and capsule collection.

Sure, most regular folk saw this year’s unofficial smoker’s holiday, 4/20, come and go, but only true stoners, like day-trippers Frank Gerwer and Peter Hewitt over at Anti-Hero, are always prepared to see the joint as half-available instead of half-smoked. And regardless of the fact that this video went up a few days late (smoker’s irony), these two clowns embody the true spirit of the green leaf. It means never having to say you’re sorry for being tardy, spacey, or so damn baked that your afternoon gets spent flexing your new “Eagleize It” powers all over an unsuspecting San Francisco neighborhood.

Anti-Hero-Eagleize-It2 Anti-Hero-Eagleize-It Anti-Hero-Eagleize-It3

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