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“Anti-Art” An Anti-Hero Graphics Exhibition By Dennis McNett

“Anti-Art” An Anti-Hero Graphics Exhibition By Dennis McNett

Dennis McNett Anti-Hero skateboard artist

Champion block printer and artist Dennis McNett has been carving work for 18+ years and making art since he was a child. His interest in Nordic imagery coupled with the influence of the 80’s skateboard and hardcore scenes have helped him forge a dark signature style that’s been solicited by everyone from Vans to Anti-Hero Skateboards.

Skateboarding Vans Collaboration

This coming Saturday, June 22nd, Vans will be presenting Anti-Art “22 Graphics: The Boards, The Carved Blocks and Limited Edition Prints,” an exhibition dedicated to McNett’s art, going down at the Lodge Gallery (131 Chrystie Street). Visitors can expect an art workshop for kids (2PM-5PM), a skate jam (2PM-6PM), and bands rocking (3PM-5PM).Dennis McNett Anti-Hero Boards blue, red and yellowOpening reception for the exhibition goes down 6PM-9PM with special guest appearances from Anti-Hero team riders Julien Stranger, Tony Trujillo, and Andrew Allen.

Anti-Art Vans Flyer

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