Ann Romney Won’t Go Chris Brown After GMA Comment

Ann Romney refers to "you people," on Good Morning America. You mad?

One way or another, taxes will catch up to you. Mitt Romney and wife Ann are the target of public scrutiny for not disclosing their tax history. It’s a pretty big deal when you’re running for congress, especially the presidency, that skeletons have a tendency to rear their ugly mugs (Billy Clinton we see you doggie!). Mitt Romney might have his share of financial secrets which is why Democrats have a bone to pick with him lately. Even Republicans feel that Romney should disclose more information than what he’s already offered. His wife Ann Romney was interviewed by ABC News today, where she stood by her man with their decision not to turn over any further tax returns, directing her statement at “you people.” Mashable caught Ann’s on-air gaffe, and commented on her use of “you people” going viral, saying,

“Twitter users upset with Ann Romney’s comments generally fell into one of two categories: those that believe the Romney family should release tax records because of their extraordinary wealth, and those those took offense to the phrase “you people,” which has historically been used with an air of racism.”

Really, Ann? Robin Roberts politely served you questions knowing you’d probably catch feelings. Then “you people” creeps out from your flappers. Media Training 101 should never skip over this touchy term, much less should anyone treat it lightly, especially when being interviewed by a person of color. Ann’s misuse of “you people” doesn’t do any more to earn the African-American vote than Mitt’s announcement to the NAACP to repeal Obamacare. Now what? How’s Robin Roberts taking all this? Out of the countless #YouPeople tweets, she tweeted a photo of her and Ann Romney (possibly pre-interview), and conversed about her arm band that protects a tube where she gets chemotherapy. She’s got more things to be concerned about than Romney’s choice of words. At this point, you’ve probably moved on like Roberts and the rest of the world. But call us just in case Ann Romney pulls a Chris Brown meltdown.

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