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Animal Instincts In Rap

Animal Instincts In Rap


Rap is out of control. And everybody is s doing it these days; everybody thinks that they can be 50 Cent but really, their rhymes don’t even add up to a nickel. And Drake is really a singer with sweet melodies (singing is nice if you like singing. Church is a good place to go if you want to hear singing. Me? I don’t listen to rap in church). You familiar with Stupid Pet Tricks? Well, if you’re not, just listen to some of the stuff that passes for “rap” these days. Anyways, the following wild animal rap thugs got TREATS for you—as in gift raps. Peep game. And think back to a time when your favorite rapper actually rapped (Killer Mike is a great rapper, by the way). To loosely quote Christopher Wallace, “Stuff done changed.”

The Rapping Animals