Angela Boatwright Photograph for VANS #LivingOffTheWall East Los Documentary

Vans taps Angela Boatwright for “East Los” Documentary

West Side punk captured.

Last February, Vans released the Angela Boatwright directed “East Los.” Angela is well know around these parts; an early member of the Mass Appeal squad, she was one of our first contributing photographers, photo editors, and would later go on to become creative director from the years of 1997-2005. Making a name for herself throughout the early ’90s documenting the realms of skate and underground hardcore, Angela would go on to become a prolific photographer working with a wealth of celebrities, bands, and artists for close to two decades. It’s of no surprise that once making the decision to throw on the “documentarian” hat that she was able to garner the same response and success. After catching wind and seeing the teaser for her documentary profiling struggling metal bands that tour year round, Boatwright was tapped by VANS to take on a piece on the punk scene of East LA.

“East Los” is part of VANS’ #LivingOffTheWalls documentary series:

“#livingoffthewall was built to progress that dedication, enlisting some of our favorite story-tellers to share people, places and things that best illustrate such a commitment to originality. Using words, images and motion pictures, #livingoffthewall is a testament to the power of our global imagination, as explored through a surfboard, a microphone, a paintbrush and all tools of the creative trade.”

Boatwright’s “East Los” takes a look at the punk scene of East Los Angeles. Touching on all tenets of punk from its feral yet family-oriented nature, to its DIY youth-driven aesthetic. Rather than sit merely as an outsider looking in, Boatwright’s familiarity with the scene and ability to connect with the youth allows her to get right in the pit and immerse herself and subsequently you the viewer in the dervish like whirl that is the East Los Angeles Backyard Punk Scene. The East Los documentary series consists of five episodes (including the introductory video that can be seen by playing the video above) that include snippets of shows as well as interviews with many of the kids that take part in the scene, telling stories of punk’s impact on their lives. We’ve also included, below, an interview with Angela that closes the documentary series. Be sure to hit up the official #LivingOffTheWall page to check out Angela’s “East Los” as well as take a look at the scrapbook styled layout featuring photography from the documentary and its participants.

Angela Boatwright Photograph for VANS #LivingOffTheWall East Los Documentary

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