Andy Warhol’s Entire Film and Video Catalogue to be Made Public

Ready for Public Consumption.

It has been announced, by both the Warhol Museum and The Museum of Modern Art, that Andy Warhol’s 60 feature films and 279 screen tests will be digitized and made available to the public.

Deciding to digitize Warhol’s is was a no-brainer. Having cared for Andy Warhol’s previous films since the ’90s, the MOMA stated his works are some of their most requested. The project is expected to take a few years, will be helmed by special effects company MPC. The task at hand is a tedious one, as they’ve got about 1,000 rolls to capture frame by frame as well as 4,000 videos. Things are already rolling, with 15 films already digitized and prepared to be shown October 17 during the Warhol Museum’s “Exposed: Songs for Unseen Warhol Films.”

This is a move that is sure to get hearts and creative minds buzzing with anticipation. The director of the Warhol Museum (located in Pittsburgh, PA) reached out to The Art Newspaper about the new project and its true potential:

In a statement, Eric Shiner, the director of the Warhol Museum, said the artist’s films “are as significant as his paintings”, adding that the project will mean scholars and the public will be able to see his total output.

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