Andy Warhol Cafe Hotdog

Andy Warhol: BIG IN JAPAN

Andy Warhol is STILL Big in Japan

Don’t worry, that’s not Jay Z’s latest foray into Warhol-ian fetishism. The pristine dog above you is part of the new Warhol Pop-Up Café created by Mori Art of Tokyo Japan to commemorate their new Warhol exhibit 15 Minutes Eternal. With a variety of dishes provided they all have a couple of common threads. Much like Warhol’s portraits of Hollywood elite and significant figures in Pop Culture they exude Americana. What’s more American than some good ol’ BBQ? Warhol may not have had a literal hand in the preparation or curation of these meals – something some would even say about his work and process – but the influence and inspiration stem from legend. A legend that will be told by the work presented by Mori Art of Tokyo, in what is slated to be the largest Warhol collection to be displayed in the land of the rising sun.

Mori Art Museum Japan Warhol Exhibit

To mark their 10th anniversary, the Mori Art Museum of Japan will be presenting 700 works of Andy Warhol, spanning the time from his emergence as an artist to his final days. Sure to excite both ardent and novice Warhol admirers, the presented collection will include pieces from every series that the artist has completed, in addition to displaying works that had previously never been exhibited in Japan.


The Andy Warhol Pop-Up Café created to commemorate the museum’s 10th Anniversary, as well as to celebrate Japan’s largest Warhol exhibition to date, will surely complement the exhibition. Mori Art’s Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes Eternal opened up shop on February 1st and will run until May 6th of this year.

Andy Warhol Cafe Hotdog

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