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Andre Beverley for ICECREAM’s Skate Team

Andre Beverley for ICECREAM’s Skate Team

Find out how Andre Beverly emmigrated from Kingston, Jamaica and landed a coveted spot on the ICECREAM skate team.

Skateboarding is a beautiful thing really. To think that a lowly surfer’s past-time from the late 60’s would evolve into a sport that gives urban youth the opportunity to travel and live out their creative dreams is pretty unreal. Take 18-year-old ICECREAM skate team rider Andre Beverley for example. The kid emigrated from Kingston, Jamaica to Flatbush, Brooklyn with nothing more than his charisma and enthusiasm. Add a couple of X-Games and Mountain Dew Tour events on television, a genuine curiosity for riding, and the opportunity to snag his first real board and the rest is history. Eventually Andre’s tenacity allowed him to evolve from a mere spectator to a lead rider on Pharrell’s premiere squad of skate rats. That’s big. Take a look into the young ripper’s life and travels and understand why because of kids like him, skateboarding continues to set trends and remain relevant to cross-cultural happenings.

Also be sure to also check out our post about Pharrell dropping jewels for the ICECREAM skate youth for some inspiring words from the ICECREAM founder himself, Skateboard P (Pharrell Williams).

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