• Ancestors Can Genetically Pass On Fears


Ancestors Can Genetically Pass On Fears


Here’s one for the nature versus nurture argument. Apparently a study recently published in Nature Neuroscience concludes that certain fears can be passed on genetically. For their experiment a group of rats were taught to fear a particular smell. Scientists then noted that the fear of that smell was passed on to their offspring, thus concluding that fear can indeed genetically alter the brain and thought process. Crazy. Considering how many ideas, fears and psychological blips can exist within the human psyche, folks can definitely rule in ancestral influence.

Black White Rat Experiement


  • http://twitter.com/troybrowntv TroyBrownTV

    Damn. This is devastating. Imagine all the things black people in America developed a fear of that god passed down. This made me think of something my homeboy told me. He believes in cultural memory and the passing down of experiences and memories genetically. This is sort of line with that idea. We need more research to bring us closer to understanding. Scientific finds like this can help us shape our world