An Ode to Pharrell And His Hat

"I'm an outlaw. Quick on the draw. Somethin' you've never seen before."

The Grammys set the Internet ablaze last night with the vultures of TwInstaBook coming in hard and fast on everything from Beyoncé’s ass (insert prayerhands here) to Kendrick Lamar’s stellar, ‘Blue Man Group’ esque performance with Imagine Dragons. We commented on the usual controversies and extravaganzas, yes Kendrick was robbed and the Daft Punk/Stevie Wonder/Pharrell spectacle was well, spectacular.

But, nothing set tongues wagging quite like Pharrell’s headgear. The Sorting Hat from “Harry Potter.” Mary Poppins’ bottomless carpetbag. Woody from “Toy Story.” Smokey The Bear. The Arby’s Logo. Elmer Fudd. Papa Bearnstein Bear. The references and comparisons were multifarious to say the least. A Twitter account and countless memes left the web with the general consensus – What the fuck is Pharrell wearing?

But I didn’t hate it. In fact, I kind of loved it.

The fashion at last night’s Grammy ceremony was, like the award wins themselves, predictable and generic. Save from Madonna’s grill (WTF?!) and Steven Tyler’s “Pirates of the Carribean”-inspired get-up, nobody tried to turn it up. Don’t get me wrong, the robots of Daft Punk looked both dapper and debonair and Macklemore’s performance suit, with the bolo tie, was an interesting little western nuance (yawn) but everything else was vapid. Enter Pharrell. While everyone else kept it PC (and PG-13, thanks network television) dude swags in, in an oversized headpiece and a leather Adidas track jacket. Suit. Nah. Bow-tie. Why bother? In a room full of rockstars, decked out in a catalog of couture, Pharrell flipped and reversed it, dressed like he was going to the car wash. Because nothing says, ‘I don’t give a fuck’ like not giving a fuck. And what’s more rockstar than that?

Besides, the hypebeasts are probably scouring the Internet for P’s hat as we speak. Don’t believe me? Did you cop a Von Dutch trucker hat back in the day? Have you been tempted to rock a bucket cap in the past three years? Notice when fedora fashion ramped up overnight? Before you can say BBC ICECREAM, your boy P is on the next hat tip. I’ll try not to say I told you so when I see you camped outside Supreme in six months trying to get your paws on the latest abstruse cowboy hat collab. Oh and if you can’t wait six months, you can find the hat (by Vivienne Westwood) here (talent and swag each sold separately).

Anyway, excuse my ramblings. The point here is that Pharrell is a genius and for all we know, the hat was some iamOTHER social experiment housing a hidden camera. Dude probably woke up and thought, ‘You know what would be really funny? Let’s show up to The Grammys in some head monstrosity, wipe the awards boards and watch the Internet blow up over a hat. A god damn hat! Muhahaha!’

The depth of Pharrell’s hat is only to match that of his pockets. Unlike most celebrities who will put their name on just about anything, Pharrell’s appreciation (and knowledge) of fashion stems beyond red carpet calls and opportunities to make a buck. He knows his shit. Whether he was trolling to troll or pushing the sartorial envelope, you can’t beat a rockstar. So jog on. Fucking posers.

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  • john_san

    Pharrell has be about these awkward big hats for years actually. I guess never on a big enough stage for the masses to notice.
    He wore this giant straw hat for like a month straight to every damn interview and carpet …

  • Jamie J. McCormick

    More like an ode to Malcolm McLaren and Buffalo Gals by Pharrell.